Why you need a website

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Your website is your virtual store front.

Today I want to reveal why you need a website.

Maybe you’re going, “duh, who doesn’t know that.”

You’d be surprised at the number of businesses that don’t have a website, although websites have been around since about 1995, in some form.

Since I do reputation marketing, many people are surprised that I analyse websites and advise every client of any shape, size of form to make sure they have one and make sure it’s enhanced to be a traffic magnet.

From a reputation viewpoint, it’s very simple. No website – poor reputation.

You can’t depend on social media alone to conduct your business. Here are some very attractive reasons, why you absolutely need a website.

1. Credibility.

If you don’t have a website and only communicate with your customers and prospects via social media, then you will probably be suspected to be a fly by night company.

Having a website is like telling everyone that you are real. Of course to boost your credibility, list down your address and contact numbers.

I’ve seen businesses refusing to list their contact number, because they don’t want to be flooded with phone calls.

Huh? What kind of business doesn’t want to speak to people?

2. Blowing your horn.

With a website, you can display your customers' testimonials on a separate page.

There are some paid Facebook apps that will give you this option but with the number of tabs on your FB page, this testimonial page won’t be very prominent.

But with a website, you can also make sure that these testimonials appear on other pages that your web visitor may land on.

3. Free traffic.

Have you noticed that if you are searching for a specific term on Google, Bing or Yahoo, social media sites don’t appear for that term, but you’ll get FB and Twitter and Pinterest on the search results for a company name though.

So if you’re a bookstore and a customer is looking for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, you’ll find websites rather than social media sites on the first page.

People normally don’t search for a company name but they sure search for products and if you structure your website effectively, your website will appear on the search results and not your social media site (except for You Tube if you have a video).

If you want free traffic, only a website can help you as you can use it for SEO (search engine optimisation) and rank your website high for a search term. There’s no way you do that for social media except for You Tube.

4. Customer loyalty.

With a website, you can write articles to educate your customers and visitors.

This builds loyalty with customers and enhances your reputation with visitors who would then want to do business with you.

Have you tried reading FB posts that have more than 5 lines of text? You’ll need glasses for one. Secondly, you’ll just stop reading after 10 lines because it’s a struggle.

Hope this gives you enough reason to have a website if you don’t have one already.

Call James Pereira to discuss website creation or enhancement at 1-702-975-3537 (if you’re in North America) or +6012-2829156 (Malaysia & Rest of the World).


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