Use Music to Boost Your Power

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Higher decibels bass boost power feelings. Flickr image by swong95765.

I enjoy music of almost all genres but more so Rock n Roll but not heavy metal.

My personal experience has been that when I listen to such music I feel energized.

In the coming week, I have a training session on selling skills for a group of oil and gas executives. I always use music in all my training sessions, whether it’s on selling skills, coaching skills or sales leadership skills.

I use music because I was trained by Harv Eker of Peak Potentials during my Train-the-Trainer Certification course. I could sense how the powerful music I played during my sessions boosted my juices like a Duracel battery and also the participants.

However, when I had to undergo my HRDF Train-the-Trainer Certification , the trainers from GMI never played any music and neither did they mention about playing music during training sessions.

I’ve noticed that in many Malaysian business related training, no music is every played and the sessions end up putting you to sleep.

I was thrilled when earlier this week, I read an HBR alert mentioning that a certain part of music can actually boost your feelings of power. I tracked down the article which was published on Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal in early August 2014.

The research was conducted by researchers at Northwestern, INSEAD and Columbia.

In short their findings were that listening to music at higher bass decibels evoke feelings of power.

So if you have a meeting or negotiation to attend, power up the music!

And one of the songs that I selected for this week’s training session was this song from Meghan Trainor – All About The Bass.

Although her message is not about music, listen to it at higher bass and lower bass and see if you feel more powerful at higher decibels of the bass…

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