The World’s Most Reputable Companies 2015

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Your reputation is your legacy.


Early this week, Forbes published the World's Most Reputable Companies for 2015. This is based on the research conducted by the Reputation Institute.

The list consist of 100 companies from around the world.

If I were to use a product from each of the Top 25 from this list, this is probably my life would look like on an atypical day...

I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth with Colgate 12-hour Protection toothpaste.

As I drink my Nestle Clasico, I fire up my Apple iMac whites powered by Intel and search for an Amazon Kindle book on Google.

I switch on my Samsung Smart TV and catch up on the news and see an ad for a Philips LED light system and decide to order it.

I put on my Nike exercise gear, wear my Adidas adipure shoes and go for a short run.

When I get back I have a quick shower, using Johnson & Johnson's pH 5.5 Shower Cream and get ready for a quick conference using Microsoft's Skype and use my Sony Headset with my laptop.

Then I dress up, put on a Rolex Chronograph Daytona and drive to the office in my Daimler Mercedes Benz S-Class Plug-in Hybrid. 

At work, I remember to make bookings for the next family holiday at Walt Disney's Disneyland Resort Paris. I make my airlines reservation and hope that the plane uses Rolls Royce engines.

On my way back home from work, I pick up a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for my wife and a Nintendo Wii for myself and a Lego Star Wars set for my son.

When I get home, I find out my wife's Volkswagen Golf GTI's tires need changing and order a set of Michelin tires for it.

Later in the evening, I dress up in my Levi Strauss Docker's pants, get into my BMW X6 to have dinner with some corporate guests. I take along my Canon EOS 5DS to capture some great moments.


There you have it.  This could be the way use the products from the Top 25 of the World's Most Reputable Companies.

Watch this video to find out who the #1 Most Reputable Company in the World in 2015 is. If you've read the 2013 report, this won't be a surprise for you.

And after you've watched the video, go get your Free Reputation Report that will show you how you too can boost your business reputation.

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