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happy customer

Case study – who can create your reputation

  Create a happy customer and you create your reputation. Flickr image by betsyweber. If you run your own business or manage someone else’s, I’m sure the question of your company’s…
training and development

Is training and development of employees a waste of time

  Train your employees to differentiate your business or die. In Malaysia, many employers hesitate to train their employees. Actually hesitate is being polite. It’s more accurate to use the…
employee satisfaction employee satisfaction

What is the link between customer satisfaction and employee motivation

Does employee motivation comes first or customer satisfaction. Flickr image by the Wanderer’s Eye Photography.   I bet you’re familiar with this conundrum – did the chicken appear on…
branding vs reputation

To grow your business should you build your brand or reputation

Is your reputation more important than your brand? Flickr image by Hollywood_PR   The idea for this article popped up in my mind, when over the last couple of days I read about some brands with…
business strategy

Corporate Strategy & Reputation

Business reputation begins with corporate strategy. Flickr image by Bearseye   Recently, I wrote on Free Malaysia Today, the following: “Even among the Global 500, the companies without…
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