Stranger Things on LinkedIn – How to Use LinkedIn Correctly


There are stranger things than a cat with two colors in one eye, that I've observed happening on LinkedIn lately. 

Before I jump into that, I would like to start with the reminder that people do business with those whom they like and trust. So if you're a business owner or entrepreneur or working as an employee in a business, we should always remind ourselves that this maxim is executed diligently in order to maximize (pun intended) returns to the company.

One of the weirdest things is that lawyers now are blaming LinkedIn for divorces. One report stated that some people brazenly cheat online with 5 people at one go. I can understand if players use Facebook because if more casual approach to social media than LinkedIn which has a certain respectability to it.

But on a more business angle, what I found totally mindboggling was a person looking for outsourced help to increase like to their Company Page on LinkedIn. I have heard of 1099 reps but this takes the cake. The outsourced help is probably going to game the requester and the company page will end up with totally irrelevant people. 

Yet another request was to build LinkedIn connections to about 72,000 people for a certain term. 

One chap was offering to get 100 LinkedIn connections within 24 hours for $2. 

Someone else wanted to outsource scrapping of C-level people.

These are all wrong ways to use LinkedIn.

The right way to use LinkedIn is to make sure that you nurture your connections. It goes without saying that people you connect with are relevant to what you do. For them to connect to you, you need to have a professional LinkedIn profile and profile image. Don't clown around in your image unless you offer clown services.

I don't even bother to respond to connection requests that don't have a profile image. It's not that I'm being a snob but my belief is that if you can't even reveal yourself to me in an image, then my suspicion sensors are going to trigger as I believe you're a scammer. Who else would want to be in disguise or anonymous?

If you really want to learn the right way, I recommend you watch this free webinar and pick up a tip or two for free.


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