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How We Can Help Your Business


Lion Reputation Marketing supports your business to boost revenues via reputation marketing techniques.

We provide consulting, training and coaching services to help you enhance the critical areas of your business - your products, your processes and your people.


Consulting To Boost Your Revenues

We shall perform an initial consultation to determine the effectiveness of the following:

  • current business reputation
  • business strategy
  • marketing plan
  • entire human capital development process from recruitment and selection, to training and development, performance management system and separation

Such consultation shall be conducted with project initiator via phone or face-to-face discussions. When needed an on-site evaluation shall also be conducted.

We shall provide a comprehensive Plan of Action to smash the hurdles that impede your business progress and take you to greater heights.


Reputation Marketing Tasks To Boost Your Revenues 

We provide the following tasks within the scope of reputation marketing:

  • claiming or creating Google Plus page
  • setting up system to collect customer reviews (both text and video)
  • publishing customer reviews on Google Plus page
  • developing website and/or blog
  • setting up YouTube channel
  • creating videos that market your expertise and reputation - check out what we've done
  • setting up Facebook page
  • setting up Pinterest account if relevant
  • developing customer engagement process


Revenue Boosting Training To Boost Your Revenues

We provide training and development programmes to develop the competency of your staff, according to the needs of your organization.

After each training programme we conduct Level 2 of Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation Model and we work with you if you wish to also conduct Levels 3 & 4, which we highly recommend as this ties in perfectly with our Performance Development Engagement.

Our Performance Development Engagement includes creating a KPI-based System or revisiting your current KPI-based system.

The following training programmes are currently available:


Leadership Skills

PeakLeaderTM Essential Leadership Skills Training

PerformBoostTM Coaching Skills Training

StratSalesLeaderSTM Sales Leadership Skills Training


Selling Skills

SurgingSalesTM Selling Skills Training for B2B Sales People


Marketing Skills

MarketActPlanTM Marketing Planning Skills Training for Marketing Staff


Media Skills

WebViralTM Social Media Strategies Training

ClearTimingTM Crisis Communication Training


English and Communication Skills

CafeCommTM English Proficiency Training for Hospitality Industry

EnglishProfTM English Proficiency Intermediate Level for Employees


Offline Reputation Management

Net Promoter Score Training


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