Is training and development of employees a waste of time

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training and development

Train your employees to differentiate your business or die.

In Malaysia, many employers hesitate to train their employees. Actually hesitate is being polite. It’s more accurate to use the word, fear.

This fear is predominant amongst the SMEs. The owner is probably sacred to death that the well trained employee will open shop next to him and steal all his business.

If that happens, then the employer was a fool, for not knowing how to build a relationship with his clients to retain business.

In business, it’s not the guy with the lowest price who gets all the business.

Despite the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, being around for some many years, we still have the more expensive retailers thriving. When Walmart started to expand, other retailers were terrified that they will shutter for good.

Through the process of Darwinism, stupid retailers closed and were removed from the gene pool. But, those retailers who were able to evolve their business processes continue thriving after a few years of hiccups.

Today, Walmart is one of the worst companies to work for. When your employee is unhappy, do you think your customers are going to be treated well? Fat chance.

In fact Walmart's  customer service sucks.

So we come to the question of whether a company should train and develop it’s employees?

Frankly, I hate the word "train" as it looks like we are a circus, training animals to do tricks.

A better word would be "educate". In a nutshell, customers with bad customer experience will bring down the business reputation of a company.

I will let the late Mr. Zig Ziglar convince you on the neccessity or educating your employees…

"The only worse than training an employee and keeping them is not to train them and keep them."

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