How to use Skype as your CRM Software

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Customer Relationship Management Tools are essential in business dealings.

Sometimes I get asked which is the best CRM in the market?

That's a tough question to answer considering that here are so many CRM tools in the market.

But before we get into that, let's discuss who needs CRM systems.

The smart B2B companies know they need one, otherwise they're working blind. Every B2B company should use a CRM system, including businesses with only the owner.

This is the 21st Century, so you can't keep your CRM database on Excel or paper. As a rep in 1987, I was using cards and that was because Steve Jobs was still tinkering with the personal computer (I think). So you must keep your CRM online.

And then there are also the smart people in B2C segments who see the value of having a CRM to boost their productivity. Those in B2C who would benefit from a CRM tool are:

  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance agents
  • MLM/Networking Independent Distributors

If you're looking for a CRM tool, you should consider these criteria:

1. Scalability - meaning you can start with a small database of customers and increase as your customers increase

2. Tracking - it must be able to track all emails you send as well as phone calls you make to customers

3. Reminders - it should remind you of tasks and events that are due

4. Customer fields - it should allow you to record contact data as well as any other relationship building information about your clients, e.g. products bought, birthday, anniversaries, family data and favourite colour even.

5. Affordability. This would depend on the features offered by the tool and the amount of data it stores.

Many first-time users of CRM tools are wrongly lead to believe that the more features the tool offers the better it is. Wrong!

The best CRM is one that is used by the intended user. It could be bare bones or decorated like a Christmas tree and as long as it's used consistently, it's good.

There's a new CRM software that integrates with Skype to make calls to your prospects and customers and it tracks the date and time the calls were made. The best part is not that the calls are cheap but that you can record the calls made.

So with this tool you not only can keep records of emails you've sent but also records of phone calls made. So this makes call disputes mute (pun intended).

Needles to say, it integrates with your calendar as well.

This CRM software is called Sales Envy. Strange name but really powerful and suitable for non-employer businesses, medium and large corporations as well.

See a demo of it in the video below...

[svpVideo v=1]


If you want to get more details of this CRM tool, click here - CRM System.

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