Digital marketing for brick and mortar companies – a case study

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Brick and mortar needs digital marketing too.

Brick and mortar needs digital marketing too.

Every brick and mortar retailer needs to jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon.

This is not for the sake of just being present on the web. That’s just a waste of your time and effort.

If you just throw up a website and there’s nothing useful for a customer or a prospect, then your credibility is going to slump. Nothing irritates a website visitor more than a useless website that doesn’t help them with their problem.

Remember that people don’t simply browse the net, because they’re killing time. The only people who I guess browse the net are kids on school holiday (if at all).

Digital marketing is the catch phrase of many offline retailers. They just want a website because their neighbour has one. They have no clue what it should do.

If you check most websites of companies, you’ll find most are a fancy form of the YellowPages – contact info and a few other pages about their history and products or services provided. Nothing else.

Here’s a better way – keep all those other pages and add on a blog (or you can call you anything you want – like Health Articles).

This is exactly what I had suggested to my pharmacy client in December 2012. He eventually agreed and we got cracking by April/May 2013.

Unfortunately, the website was hacked several times over a period of 2 months. We sorted out the problem and got rid of the hackers by using some ninja anti-hacker software and it didn't even cost $50.

We also made sure the architecture of the website created a huge wall against the prying eyes of hackers.

Finally, we also modified the previous website into a dynamic site that gives visitors the impression of a useful website with information that will boost their health.

This client of mine is one of the country's largest pharmacy chain and have been in existence for more than 10 years but under a new brand-name just 5 years old.

We developed health articles and videos according to the most common ailments afflicting Malaysians. We also put up current promotions on the site. This was completed finally on 30 July 2013.

Ten days after uploading the last article and latest promotions, I was shocked to find out that my client’s website was ranking on the first page of Google search for some keyword phrases.

One of the keyword phrases was a ladies’ skin care product that was a hot item in the pharmacy (anyway which ladies’ skin care product isn’t).

This was a product that cost about MYR100 a month to be taken as long as a woman wants great looking skin and assets.

Just calculate the lifetime value of a customer on this product, assuming she takes it for 24 months before switching onto the next novelty that appears – MYR2400.

On that first page of Google, 8 results were about the manufacturer of the product. The other one was Malaysia’s 2nd largest pharmacy chain. Just imagine that, the smaller pharmacy chain beat the No.1 (Guardian) for a high value keyword and without any ad spend.

Any prospect looking for that specific keyword is going to see my client’s website and visit it. The impact on my client’s reputation would have been boosted because it appears on the first page of Google rather than on the 2nd or later pages.

So, the moral of the story is that content marketing works if you know how to do content marketing properly. If you create the information that your prospect or customer is looking for and don’t piss Google off, you’ll appear high on search results.

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