Customer experience – before, during and after the purchase

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customer experience

Customer experience by Didriks via Flickr.

Today, I read an article titled, Are You Helping Your Customers After They Buy From You?.

One sentence from this article reminded me of an incident my wife faced in the pharmacy she works at recently…

"A consumer’s buying journey doesn’t necessarily stop once they’ve made a purchase; there is also post-purchase behavior to consider."

Late one evening, a family had dinner in a restaurant adjacent to her pharmacy and after dinner they realized that the elderly father didn’t have his medication with him and he would have missed the dosing interval by the time they got back.

So they went to the pharmacy next door, where my wife worked and asked for the medication he was on. The pharmacy stocked a different brand than the one the gentleman was on, but they decided anyway to get it.

After leaving their particulars, the family went home. My wife mentioned this incident to me when she got home.

I advised her to call the family in the morning and ask how the patient was. She said she would do it the next day when she went in to work.

When she came back home the next day after work, she told me how happy the patient’s daughter was that she called to find out her father’s condition.

It was a 5 minute call at the most. In 5 minutes and at a total phone call cost of about $1.00, the pharmacy converted a first time customer into a regular customer, who keeps on coming back.

When my wife asked why they are returning to the pharmacy, the daughter said no other pharmacy they have been too, ever called to find out about her father.

If my wife hadn’t called the daughter, would they have become regular customers?

This is an example of an awesome customer experience after the sale.

Do you have your own stories of superb customer experience? Write it in the comment box below…


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