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Your customer service reflects your reputation

Customer service impacts your reputation. A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised when I read this headline – Audi passes BMW in global sales to take lead in luxury race. Just last year,…

Why you need a website

  Your website is your virtual store front. Today I want to reveal why you need a website. Maybe you’re going, “duh, who doesn’t know that.” You’d be surprised at the number of businesses…
branding vs reputation

To grow your business should you build your brand or reputation

Is your reputation more important than your brand? Flickr image by Hollywood_PR   The idea for this article popped up in my mind, when over the last couple of days I read about some brands with…
how to attract customers

How to increase sales – the 4 ways

How to Attract Customers. Flickr image by Sue Ming Lee   I read this article recently that analyzed why Friendster died… “So if a big fraction of people on a network have only two friends,…

Advertisements or business reputation – which is a better customer magnet

  Looks like the Lakota knew something the world of marketing is (re)discovering now. A couple of days ago I was with my son and he pointed out a billboard ad for an insurance company and said…
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