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Salary Increase Justification – Who Deserves a Pay Raise

Study that image above for a while. The lady in green represents the CxO of a company that has just started a training programme for her staff. She’s hopeful that the employees being trained…
Hiring Staff

Hiring Employees – How to Hire Employees & Hiring People The Right Way

How important is a potential employee’s CGPA grade in college? If the candidate is a fresh graduate, will you rely on the CGPA grade to hire him or her. Are school grades a good indicator…
power music

Use Music to Boost Your Power

  Higher decibels bass boost power feelings. Flickr image by swong95765. I enjoy music of almost all genres but more so Rock n Roll but not heavy metal. My personal experience has been that when…
performance development

Case Study of Benefits of Performance Coaching

  Performance coaching boosts productivity. Flickr image by U.S.ArmyRDECOM One of the fundamental skills of every leader is to be able to coach their staff to achieve their KPIs. I don’t intend…
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