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business lessons from presidential elections 2016

Presidential Elections 2016 – 6 Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Billionaire Entrepreneur’s Business Lessons from the Presidential Elections 2016 I am stumped by Trump. I never once thought Donald Trump had the chance of winning the elections. I followed…
business reputation

The World’s Most Reputable Companies 2015

Your reputation is your legacy.   Early this week, Forbes published the World’s Most Reputable Companies for 2015. This is based on the research conducted by the Reputation Institute. The…
happy customer

Case study – who can create your reputation

  Create a happy customer and you create your reputation. Flickr image by betsyweber. If you run your own business or manage someone else’s, I’m sure the question of your company’s…
employee satisfaction employee satisfaction

What is the link between customer satisfaction and employee motivation

Does employee motivation comes first or customer satisfaction. Flickr image by the Wanderer’s Eye Photography.   I bet you’re familiar with this conundrum – did the chicken appear on…
2013 most reputable companies list

Top 25 Most Reputable Companies in the World in 2013

BMW – the World’s Most Reputable Company in 2013   Is your atypical Friday anything like this? “I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth with Colgate 24 Hour Protection. I run…
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