Case Study of Benefits of Performance Coaching

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Performance coaching boosts productivity. Flickr image by U.S.ArmyRDECOM

One of the fundamental skills of every leader is to be able to coach their staff to achieve their KPIs. I don’t intend to split hairs here by arguing about the difference between leaders and managers. So, in my lexicon, every manager should be a leader.

This is why I always insist that every line manager should be trained in coaching their staff.

In my coaching skills in-house programmes, I always have several follow-up sessions after the main training. Recently, I conducted the first follow-up session with a client’s managers. The training was 4 weeks ago.

During the session, one of the managers revealed her experience in applying the coaching techniques she learned during the training and it blew me away.

This client is involved in the specialists transportation industry. She related how one of the truck drivers in her department was the most hated by all his colleagues.

No one wanted to be paired up with this guy. He had been with the company for about 5 years and was frequently late. His lateness caused shipments to be delayed because it depended on the tides and if they missed the tide they would have to wait for the next day’s tide.

This driver has already been given 3 warning letters and was about to lose his job already.

So this manager decided to practice the coaching skills she learned on him and had a discussion with him. In 30 minutes, she managed to get to the cruz of the matter and get the commitment from the driver to improve his attitude and performance.

Today, he’s the most loved staff in the department. Talk about a metamorphosis!

In my 30 years of working life, I’ve never heard of an employee who was on the verge of losing his job becoming an employee-of the-year type staff.

For me this is a heart warming episode. A man kept his job and was able to continue feeding and caring for his family. What could be more transformational than that?

In short the specific coaching techniques she used were:

  • Being calm
  • Understanding the coacher’s needs
  • Using killer questioning techniques
  • Being an effective listener

Imagine the impact on your business when all your line managers have such productivity boosting skills.

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