Advertisements or business reputation – which is a better customer magnet

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Looks like the Lakota knew something the world of marketing is (re)discovering now.

A couple of days ago I was with my son and he pointed out a billboard ad for an insurance company and said that that was a great ad that will move people. I blurted out that more important is if people believe that ad.

This morning, in the inbox was this info graphic about the shocking percentage of people disbelieving ads!

people disbelieve advertisments

And so, I always say that word of mouth is always more powerful than ads.

You should ask every customer of yours to leave you a review online or refer a friend to your business. New data now indicate that it’s the newer customers who will refer customers more willingly than the older ones.

"As much as a longtime customer may love you, they’re not as likely to talk as the new one that just walked out the door.

Think about it this way: You may go to a local spot two or three times a week for lunch, but you talk a whole lot more about that exciting new place you tried for dinner last week."

So do you ignore your older customers. Heck no – you can still wow them.
While the new folks might be easier to get talking, your loyal customers still represent a huge and worthy word of mouth opportunity.

"Give them something great to share — things like a special discount code, beta access to new products, badges and status, a reunion, or a spot on a special advisory board."

The one I like the most is the advisory panel. This is a very fun activity you can try with your very best customers.

I suggest you do this at some resort where you can build your relationship better with them and also mining them for business strategies. Boy, will they tell their best buddies about how they helped you develop your business.

I’ll conclude by saying that investing in your reputation marketing is way more profitable than spending on ads.

I think the infographic data above just echoes Abe Lincoln’s caution, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Sometimes, I get the same feeling – that ads tend to fool by exaggeration. You can’t fool through reputation because it’s not you who does the shouting but your customers to their friends.

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